Top 5 Methods to Resolve - Format Error IN SD Memory Card

9 January 2021

The memory card or Micro SD card is an electronic flash memory data storage device, which is used to store digital information. Every memory card incorporates some rows of tiny memory chips that are used to store documents, music, photos, videos, and all other digital data items. However, sometimes the SD card starts behaving abnormally due to some specific reasons. In that case, there are high chances to lose your valuable data. Several reasons may trigger the ‘memory card keeps asking to format’ issue and some of them are the following:

  • Abruptly pulling out the SD card while it is in running mode in mobile phone
  • Micro SD card volume is not recognized or detected by the operating system
  • Virus/trojan attacks are the most widespread condition that results in format issue
  • Removing SD card from card reader while its files of being opened on the computer
  • Capturing pictures when the mobile phone’s battery is about to die or empty

Techniques to Fix ‘Memory Card Keeps Asking Format Issue

When the memory card says that it is damaged/corrupted and needs to format then, ‘should I choose Format option to fix it?’ is the first question that strikes in every user’s mind. Well, the answer is chosen NO option because formatting the memory card will erase the entire data stored in it and you will lose all your data from it.

Before formatting the SD Card, your Android device also will show a notification that “Format SD card? All data on your card will be lost”. For safe Formatting of SD Memory Card Download SD Card Formatter.

Now, the question is how to fix this issue? Below are some simple solutions that can easily resolve this problematic situation.

#Approach 1: Clean SD Card and Re-connect it Properly


Using an Android phone for a long time-period makes it awfully dirty from the inside. It is so because we keep our smartphones in pockets or our hands, due to which they collect both dirt as well as moisture. Thus, it is essential to remove the dust.

Apart from this, also eject your memory card from the device and clean it. After that, re-insert it in the slot. Then, turn on your Cell Phone and check the issue is resolved or not. If not then, go to the next solution.

#Approach 2: Reboot Your Smartphone to Fix You Need to Format SD Card Error

Sometimes the SD card becomes temporarily inaccessible because of incomplete file operations. Thus, one can try to reboot it to fix the ‘memory card keeps asking to format’ issue. If the problem is not fixed even after rebooting then, go to the next procedure.

#Approach 3: Scan Memory Card to Fix SD Card Keeps Asking to Format Error

Launch any trusted anti-virus on your system and attach your memory card to the system by using a card reader. Scan the complete sd card and it will fix the sd card corruption issue.

But remember that the anti-virus will delete highly corrupted files. So before scanning sd card just keep backup and avoid data loss situation.

#Approach 4: Using CMD to Fix SD Card Needs to Format Before Use Error

This method requires technical skill. Because the cmd commands are written in the scripting language. So it needs to follow the instructions which executing cmd command to fix sd card keeps asking to format the disk. Simply follow the steps listed below: –

  • First, remove the memory card from your mobile phone and insert it into the card reader. Attach the card reader to your computer.
  • On your PC, click on the Start menu and type cmd in the search bar hit the Enter button. Or, click on Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt
  • Command prompt window will be opened now. In the command line, run the following command:
  • chkdsk [memory card drive letter]: /r (for instance: if your memory card drive letter is E drive then, enter – chkdsk E: /r)
  • The chkdsk will begin scanning the damaged/corrupted memory card. If there will any errors, this will repair all of them
  • After completing the scanning process, you can check the format memory card error message still exist or not

In most cases, cmd works great and users become able to access their memory card. However, if the issue still not gets resolved then, it is clear that your memory card is highly corrupted and you need to format it. Below are the steps to format your memory card:

  • Open the Apps list and search for the Settings icon then, tap on it
  • Next, scroll down the Settings list and select the Storage option. Now, check how much storage you have been used and how much free space is left also, what is taking the most space on your smartphone
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom of the Storage list and check the SD card options. Here, you will get a few options either choose Erase SD Card or Format SD Card option
  • Note: – There may a slight difference in language between different handsets.
  • After this, verify that you want to format the memory card via pressing the Erase SD Card or Format SD Card button. This will clean your SD Card yet, the internal storage of your mobile phone will remain unaffected.

#Approach 5: Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Formatting SD Card is not the final solution to fix memory card keeps asking to format the drive. If the problem remains the same after performing all the above steps. Then first backup your data by using SD Card Recovery Software is one of the best solutions to restore deleted, lost, corrupted, and formatted files from the memory card.

The software is capable to recover permanently deleted or lost data from SD cards. With the help of this application, one can perform formatted SD Card recovery to retrieve all types of data items such as mp3, mp4, documents, text, files, folders, etc. It is capable to recover data from all popular brands of memory cards i.e., SanDisk, Sony, etc. The software is compatible with Windows 10 and all below versions.

Concluding Lines

Considering the user’s query memory card keeps asking to format issue, we have discussed some simple and cost-efficient workarounds resolve you need to format sd card before use. Now, users can opt for any solution according to their present requirements and preferences.

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